Summer Wildflowers Delight

Late July, somewhat overcast day – – – time to return to the Oak Island Wildlife Area northwest of home. The bald eagles have abandoned their nest, but the wildflowers, songbirds, ripe berries and colorful butterflies are always an  attraction.

The three-mile Trail meanders around the northern perimeter of the Island through open meadows. As usual, the hike made for a nice outing on a pleasant summer weekend.

As an aside, the temperature reached a balmy 72 degrees. In many parts of the U.S. it reached over 100 degrees on the same day. Is there anywhere in the world that has better summers than the Portland area? Having lived in Asia, Africa and various places in the U.S., I know of nowhere. Do you?

You guessed it – – – a Song Sparrow singing a song among the Snowberries

The colorful trail

A Mylitta Crescent butterfly collecting nectar from a clover (Thanks again to Matthew of the Xerces Society for this ID. Both he and the Xerces Society are a class act.)

Delicious, ripe Blackberries

A Subimago Mayfly (what beautiful gossamer wings)

Orange Balsam


Bee collecting nectar from a clover

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