Coastal Mountain Hiking

Felt like the Stampers, I did. Hiking in the Coastal Mountains always reminds me of Ken Kesey’s ode to the old-time logging families in Sometimes a Great Notion. Without a doubt, it is verdant and beautiful country.

On an early summer weekend I drove almost to the crest of the Coastal Range before taking the well-maintained road to Gales Creek Forest Camp. After four years the Gales Creek Trail had been repaired and reopened early last year, allowing a six-mile hike to Bell Camp Road at the top of the Coastal Mountains. But this day I was thwarted by an active logging operation about one mile from the end. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed a pleasant hike in the Gales Creek Valley.

Great Hedge Nettle

Great Hedge-nettle



Rein Orchid

Rein Orchid

Trail closed due to logging

Trail closed due to logging

Devil's Club

Devil’s Club

Gales Creek

Gales Creek

Tributary Creek

Tributary Creek

Schuler's' Bluebell

Scouler’s Bluebell

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