The last Blood Moon for the next 18 years

The Hunter’s Moon arrived on the last week of September accompanied by a full eclipse. At 7:30 pm we were to see a full lunar eclipse in Portland, weather permitting.

I stepped out on the deck soon after dark, placed the camera on a sturdy tripod and set the remote control to function in self-timer mode. I took some shots of the downtown lights to check the camera settings.

I was waiting with great anticipation to see the Blood Moon. It gets its name from the gorgeous reddish-gold color the slightly-larger-than-normal full moon becomes as it dives into the planet’s shadow.

Amazing! At 7:30 pm I could see the full moon at full eclipse. I started taking photos and managed to get several at the peak of the eclipse.

Life is good.

Blood Moon

Blood Moon

Blood Moon

Blood Moon with eclipse beginning to end

Blood Moon beginning to move out of the Earth's shadow

Blood Moon beginning to move out of the Earth’s shadow

Lunar eclipse ending

Lunar eclipse ending

Convention Center Towers

Convention Center Towers

Fremont Bridge

Fremont Bridge



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  1. WOW

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  2. Great photos!
    AND I missed it!!! Auuugh…..I don’t know if I will be in this world 18 years from now.


  3. Your photos are amazing! Well done!


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