Early Winter on Graham Pass

Temperatures in the mid-20s, snow coming down hard, wind gusting at times and maybe six inches of the cold white stuff on the ground. It must be the beginning of winter at 4,300 feet in early November.

I had planned to hike to the 5,300-foot Hawk Mountain long-abandoned fire lookout site. But, the weather conditions continued to worsen. There will be plenty of time next year I said to myself.

On the way back down I took a detour to the Elk Lake Trailhead. At one point some huge boulders weighing tons had fallen off the cliffs onto the road. Thankfully, someone with heavy equipment had made space for vehicles to pass. It’s a never-ending problem in the mountains.

Summit of Graham Pass

Glad I wasn’t there during the landslide

Fresh snow

A stormy day


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  1. I see you are into winter and snowy days too! Are rock slides mostly a non-snow happening or do they occur in winter as well? (Maybe replaced by avalanches?)


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