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In early April we spent another wonderful weekend on the Central Oregon Coast. This time we stayed at Newport’s Hallmark Inn, a truly class act.

The first evening it was partially sunny. We enjoyed a nice walk on the sandy beach to the Nye Beach area. Folks had kites in the air joined by many flying seagulls.

On Saturday the Bayfront beckoned us. It’s always a colorful, eclectic spot. And, these days the many vocal sea lions are hard to miss.

Driving home on Sunday, I marveled at the variety of things to experience in the Pacific Northwest.

Beach path to the Hallmark Inn

Huckleberry flowers

Sea Lions asleep at the wheel

Yaquina Bridge


The eclectic Barge Inn on the Bayfront

Beautiful sandy beach at Newport with the Yaquina Point Lighthouse in the background

Tough critters to share a bed/platform with

Patterns in the sand

Yaquina Point Lighthouse




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  1. One visit there we could see whales traveling north from our room at the Hallmark. It was a real unexpected treat.

  2. Newport is awesome. Thanks for taking me along for your visit!

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