A Spring Wildflower Bonanza

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Lyle Cherry Orchard

The promise of warm sunshine on the south-facing slopes on the east side of the Columbia River Gorge sounded irresistible.

The eight-mile loop hike east of Lyle was a beauty.

I extended the hike by following game trails and old roads on the high ridges above the Columbia River.

And, I got lucky, the upper hillsides were covered in the golden flowers of balsamroot.

Stopping at the site of the long-removed cherry orchard, I ate a snack and enjoyed the views. I had lost count of the many varieties of colorful wildflowers spotted along the hike.

A very nice way to spend a day.

Balsamroot covering the hillside with the Columbia River far below

Gopher Snake (about three feet long)

Great Hound’s Tongue

Lenticular cloud on Mt. Hood

Death-camas (wild Lily)

Small pond along the lower trail

Shooting Star

Cluster Lily


Looking down on the Lyle Cherry Orchard (the trees have been long removed)


Desert Parsley


Big Root

Three-foot long Gopher Snake

Death-camas scattered along the lower trail







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