Winter Scenes of Portland Heights

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West Hills

Portland Heights is well known for the rich colors of its springtime flowers. The variety of the old rhododendrons and azalais are amazing.

Portland Heights is also famous for the the autumn foliage that turns beautiful shades of red, orange, and gold. Many of the trees are native big-leave maples.

But, wintertime has its moments too. The high Cascade volcanos are covered in bright fresh snow. A few songbirds overwinter near the city. Murders of crows cover the sky flying back to their roosts in the evening. Even some snow falls onto the hillsides and valley floors at times.

Mt. Adams over Downtown Portland

By late January the early flowers will begin to bloom and spring will soon appear.

Until then, I will enjoy the stark beauty of winter.

Western Robin getting cold feet from the snow


Crows taking a break on the way to their nighttime roosts along the Willamette River

Song Sparrow

Winter berries surviving some fresh snow

Winter in Porland



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