October 2011 Mt. Washington Visit

Author at Dry Creek Falls

The Visit

In mid-October I took a trip to Central Oregon to hunt elk. Not getting drawn for a tag in a productive area, I settled in for a tough two to three days in the Metolius Unit. It averages an annual success ratio of four percent. To make matters worse, it was bluebird weather for the entire visit. But, what was bad for elk hunting was great for photography and afternoon naps in the sunshine.

The following are a few photos taken in the area north of Mt. Washington. Sad to say, but another large forest fire had again wreaked havoc in the area this year.


Mt. Washington

Sunrise beyond Ponderosa Pines

Sunrise on the Sisters

Sunrise & Black Butte

Everything but the Elk

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  1. I am originally from Burns so this is wonderful memories for me. Again thanks for sharing!

  2. Sunrise beyond Ponderosa Pines is OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!

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