November 2011 Oregon Zoo Visit

Author near Dry Creek Falls

The Visit

Colorful maple leaves covering the yard, crisp temperatures in the 30’s and a generous expanse of sunshine. A good excuse to visit the 64-acre Oregon Zoo in the West Hills of Portland, about one crow-flying mile from home.

Many of the birds and animals were clearly enjoying the cold, sunny day, especially the big predators with their heavy winter coats. And, unlike warm summer days, I didn’t have much competition from other visitors. It was a grand time to be visiting.

Compared to the difficulty of photographing animals in the wild, the Zoo is a true pleasure. The following are a few of the photos from my two-mile meandering journey through the Zoo grounds.


Mountain Goat

Bald Eagle



Wolf on the “right” side of the fence

Penguins taking a break

Polar Bear

Caracal (what cute ears)

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