Friendly Blacktail near the Little White Salmon

While looking for bald eagles to photograph in the Columbia River Gorge near the end of the month, I spotted a blacktail deer yearling. It was close to the Little White Salmon River Hatchery. There was still about one foot of wet snow in places.

After running a few yards into the brush, the deer stopped while I took a few photos. As I turned to return to the car, the yearling unexpectedly began running toward me. It stopped about 20 yards away and stared at me. I began to think that the hatchery workers had been feeding it, and maybe they had. But, after a short interlude the deer turned around and quickly disappeared into the forest.

One lesson from the encounter is to always have your camera ready to take photos. One never knows what will pop up.

Blacktail Deer near the Little White Salmon River

Blacktail Deer trotting toward your humble scribe

Blacktail Deer Yearling

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