Stalking wild deer

In mid-March I was hiking in the area west of Catherine Creek in the eastern end of the Columbia River Gorge. Many signs of blacktail deer were seen. On the return hike I slowed and kept a close eye on the hummocks among the oak trees. I was looking for bedded deer in places where they would have good views of the area below them. Sure enough, I soon spotted a deer. While sneaking closer, I spotted two more close by.

Finally, one of the deer spotted me but was not sure what I was – – – it couldn’t smell me and my silhouette was broken up by the surrounding underbrush. But the jig was up. These deer are hunted for months each year and naturally are very suspicious of bi-pedal predators. I took some final photos while they stood among a field of purple grass widows and soon watched them trot off.

Bedded-down Blacktail Deer spotted

Two more Blacktail Deer spotted close to the first one (The farthest appears to be yawning)

Stalked to within 25 yards of Blacktail Deer

Time for the Blacktail Deer to get out of bed and possible danger

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