Snowy Trek to the Devils Rest

On the last day of winter I experienced a nine-mile hike that would have delighted lovers of waterfalls throughout the world – – – 620-foot Multnomah Falls, 80-foot Hidden Falls, 90-foot Weisendanger Falls, 50 foot-Dutchman Falls and 15-foot Little Multnomah Falls.  Throw in a climb to a 2,450-foot old fire lookout site, sprinkle in some snowy weather and you have the makings of an amazing trek.

After a steep, cold 2,000-foot climb to the top of the cliffs overlooking the Columbia River Gorge, it was an easy stroll of less than a mile to Devils Rest. The Rest is the highest point in the far Western Gorge but has no views. But, years ago I located a nice viewpoint of the Gorge less than one-quarter mile from Devils Rest. It made a nice location for a rest and a snack. The fresh snow gave everything a brilliant coat of white. The low-lying clouds shifting in and out of the deep canyons evoked a pre-historic feel to the snow-covered vistas. I savored the moment thinking tomorrow is spring, snow will soon disappear and new life will begin anew.

Fresh snow on the trail

A stormy view up the Columbia River Gorge

Artistry of fresh snow

Multnomah Falls in the morning mist

Weisendanger Falls

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  1. Gorgeous and evocative — really makes me miss the Pacific Northwest!

    (BTW, while Oregon was getting snow we had 80 degrees in my adopted home of Michigan – go figure.)


  2. I love love love the first one, looks like the path to a mystical fairytale!


  3. Oh man. That first photo of the snowy trail running beneath the towering trees is just awesome. Makes me want to be there walking the path.


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