Beautiful Blue Spring Azure

Faith has been broken, tears must be cried

Let’s do some living, after we die

Wild horses couldn’t drag me away.

Wild orchids, lilies, song birds, raptors, a beautiful spring day – – – it would take more than wild horses to drag me away.

At times I’m truly amazed at the diversity of beauty in the Portland area. In mid-April my destination was the eastern foothills of the Coastal Mountains. A 14-mile trail (1,450 feet of cumulative elevation gain) travels around Henry Hagg Lake, the impoundment behind Scoggins Valley Dam.

There are five creeks flowing into the 2 1/2 mile long reservoir, providing outstanding habitat for song birds, wildflowers and butterflies. What a pleasant way to spend a sunny six hours of exercise and fun.

Osprey on the hunt

Red-flowering Currant

Fawn Lily (a favorite of your humble scribe)

Calypso Orchid

Spring Azure Butterfly enjoying a solo puddling event (this little beauty is about the size of your thumbnail)

Reflection in the lake

Sitka Willow Tree

Pair of Osprey on their huge nest

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  1. I love your pictures! I was wondering, is the picture of the osprey nest the nest next to the Scoggins Creek Picnic area?

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