Serenity at Soapstone

With the weatherman’s promise of a beautiful sunny day, I drove to the Soapstone Lake Trailhead in the Clatsop State Forest in late May. It was a relatively easy hike – – – three miles roundtrip with 475 feet of elevation gain. The area lies on the west side of the Coastal Mountains about 13 miles from Seaside. It’s a fairly new trail in good shape with four footbridges.

There was some fresh sign of elk and deer along the trail, mostly near a grassy meadow that was once the site of old homesteader’s cabin. Upon reaching the far side of the Lake, I found a nice place to eat a snack while watching a bald eagle float in the thermals. After returning to the Trailhead, I drove to Saddle Mountain to continue my pleasant day.

Soapstone Lake

False Lily-of-the-valley

Beginning of the Soapstone Lake Trail


Fairy Lanterns (Lily family)

Sandstone Lake

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  1. This place looks really beautiful.


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