Mt. Hebo in the sunshine

On a short visit to the Coastal Mountains, I drove to the top of 3,160-foot Mt. Hebo. Instead of rising to a peak, the summit area is a three-mile-long plateau with many meadows. Since it was a sunny day, I took a 2 1/4 mile hike to enjoy the wild irises and other wildflowers in bloom.

The views extended to the Pacific Ocean to the West and Mt. Hood to the east. I promised myself to return when I had more time. There is an eight-mile Pioneer-Indian Trail that appears to be a pleasant hike.

Bright red Cinnibar Moth

Pacific Ocean from summit of Mt. Hebo

Bee collecting nectar from a wild Iris

Blue-eyed Grass

Tranquil fly fishing on Hebo Lake

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  1. Love the shot of the moth. I’ve never seen a moth with a bright red coloring such as this one.


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