Top of Black Butte

Hot weekend day at the Black Butte Ranch. What better way to spend the afternoon than climbing to the summit of 6,436-foot Black Butte? Nothing that I could think of. Fired up the Merc and off I drove. The last few miles to the trailhead were on a dirt road that got progressively rougher as the 4,900-foot trailhead was approached.

Soon the daypack was on and the steep two-mile, 1,600-foot elevation-gain trail was begun. Except for my lack of higher-elevation lungs, it was a very enjoyable hike with splendid views of all the nearby snow-covered peaks – – – the Sisters, Broken Top, Mt. Washington and Mt. Jefferson.

Initially the trail climbed through large Ponderosa pines before breaking out into the open alpine area with scattered white-bark pines. A pleasant hike indeed.

Golden Mantle giving me the boot

Cascade Lilies

Ladybug enjoying a Balsamroot

Mt. Jefferson

Orange Honeysuckle at 6,000 feet (who would’ve guessed?)

Snow Brush

Original Black Butte Lookout built in 1924 (Three Fingered Jack in background)

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  1. Great photos! It certainly does look like a sweet place for a hike.

  2. The Lookout is cool. I wonder what was involved the building. Like backbacking in some of the materials.

  3. As George said, that doesn’t look like the 3 Fingered Jack’s we know!!

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