Best Alpine Adventure

All hikers look forward to the window between August 1st and mid-September with great anticipation. After months of waiting, the snow has finally melted in the alpine areas and wildflowers are in bloom as far as the eye can see. And, if one watches carefully, there’s a good opportunity of spotting deer, elk, bears and mountain goats enjoying the plentiful bounty of food available.

Where is the most stunning alpine area in the Pacific Northwest to visit in mid-summer to early fall? Is it the Enchantments, Mount Hood’s Paradise Park, Ingalls Lake, Peggy’s Pond, Jefferson Park, or the alpine meadows below Meade Glacier and Mount Curtis-Gilbert? (Readers who have visited all of these areas, like I have, have been gifted with a touch of paradise on earth.)

To whet your appetites for an alpine experience, here’s a photo from an alpine area on the west flanks of Mt. Hood visited a few days ago. My next several posts will describe the hike and include photographs of the amazing and colorful wildflowers spotted. And, there will be other photos of the panoramic views and deer seen along the trail.

Alpine meadow

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