A Spidey Adventure

In early August I hiked to two fun destinations, Observation Peak and Sisters Rock. The Trapper Creek Wilderness, where the hike occurred, is smack dab in the middle of the Cascade Mountains with a dense upper canopy of hemlock and Douglas fir trees. There also was a large stand of old-growth silver fir trees near Sisters Rock.

After parking at the trailhead on the north end of the Wilderness, I put on hiking boots and loaded the daypack on a very hot, sunny day. Bees and other insects were in abundance, but thankfully none were after warm blood. After a one-mile climb there was a short side trail to a rocky overlook to the east. Mt. Adams dominated the views. Then the trail dropped to a saddle with a nice camping spot (Berry Camp was its name), stayed relatively level for the next one-half mile, before climbing another one-half mile to the summit of Observation Peak at 4,200 feet. The views extended to the major Cascade volcanoes and provided a grand overlook of the entire Trapper Creek Wilderness.

After awhile I hiked back to the rocky overlook where a one-half mile scramble trail headed to the south. I followed the rough trail until it reached a cliff’s edge with a view of Sisters Rock with a standing pipe on its top. Soon after I was on the 4,300-foot summit with a nice breeze and more grand vistas.

All in all the hike was seven miles in distance with 1,700 feet of elevation gain. A fun hike indeed.

One of many spiders with a web across the trail

An almost ripe huckleberry

Mt. Adams from Observation Peak

Another spider with a web over the trail


View from Sisters Rock


Mt. St. Helens

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