Painted Hills I

In early October I spent five days in the John Day country headquartered in the very small town of Spray, Oregon. Ostensibly, I was deer hunting. But, I had caught a bad cold and ultimately spent much of my time photographing the wildlife and landscapes.

That’s not to say that I didn’t see any deer. I did, although none of them were bruiser-size bucks.

The following blog posts will attempt to highlight the beauty of the area. It is home to the Painted Hills, some of the best fossil beds in the world, good fishing, rafting, mule deer, antelope, mountain sheep, reptiles, amazing geologic formations and many varieties of birds.

The following photo hopefully whets your appetite.

Painted Hills

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  1. Love that area. I need to get back over there.


  2. Looks a lot like the natural areas around Las Vegas, Valley of Fire and Red Rocks Canyon; at least to some degree.


    • It is similar to areas around LV and Southern Utah. Although, it’s not colorful sandstone. It’s compacted layers of volcanic ash where various minerals have leeched into the ash. Very unique, it is.


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