Slippery When Wet

A cold, rainy day in mid-December. Seemed like a good time to do the 4.2-mile loop hike in the Tualatin Hills Nature Park a few miles west of home in the heart of the city of Beaverton. The 222-acre Park surrounds the confluence of Cedar Mill Creek and Beaverton Creek.

It is a remarkably diverse wildlife preserve with wetlands, forests, ponds and streams. The trails’ names tell the story – – – Oak, Creek, Old Wagon, Vine Maple, Big Fir, Cougar, Chickadee, Cedar Grove, Ash, Serviceberry, Big Pond, Trillium Loop and Ponderosa Loop.

To steal a line from Tom Cruise (can he really be cast as Jack Reacher?), it was not a target-rich environment for a photographer. The incessant rain kept most of the birds and animals under cover.

Outside of a few mallards and one shy squirrel, I had almost no company on my hike. Nevertheless, it’s always a pleasant place to visit.

Looking up a a Gray Squirrel having a snack

Looking up at a Gray Squirrel in a tree

Who can forget the Bon Jovi album cover of the same name?

Bon Jovi was here?

Blackberry leaves with their bright autumn colors

Blackberry leaves with their bright autumn colors

Small pond along the trail

Small pond dappled by rain drops



Wooden bridge over one of the creeks

Wooden bridge over one of the creeks

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  1. All of your photographs are very good. I didn’t want to “like” all of them that would just appear creepy. Great work.

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