Bald Eagles

As many of my blog followers know, I publish outdoors articles and photographs from time to time. It’s not my day job, but I enjoy sharing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest with others.

Here is the link to my latest published article:

I truly enjoy spotting bald eagles. They are a magnificent bird. The following are a few photos of bald eagles.

Sharp-eyed predator

Sharp-eyed predator

Returning to nest

Returning to its nest

Enjoying a feast on dead salmon

Enjoying a feast on dead salmon

Mature adult guarding its nest

Mature adult guarding its nest

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  1. I agree. The grandest bird around!


  2. I was surprised that Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge was not listed as a local place to see Bald Eagles. I’ve seen them there many times, often viewable from the nature center where they have a spotting scope set up in front of big windows. I was just there a few days ago and there was a pair on a tree, with nest. You can see the nest in the background in this Instagram picture I took:


  3. What a great article and amazing photo!

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