Memories of Darland Mountain

While driving from Goldendale to Cle Elum, I took a side trip west of Yakima to the summit of 6,962-foot Darland Mountain. As an aside, I believe it’s the highest point in Washington State accessible by a road, although the last couple of miles are not for the faint of heart.

Memories came flooding back of many falls spent with family and friends at an elk camp nearby at Clover Flats.

In a heavy snowstorm less than one-mile away, I sneaked within 12 yards of a bedded-down bull with massive antlers. My 54 caliber black-power rifle at my side because it was a spike-only season. But, the memories remain invaluable.

Like Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas many years ago, I leaned back and enjoyed the vistas of the snow-covered peaks of Goat Rocks. And, like him, I’ve spent many a day hiking in the Goat Rocks Wilderness enjoying the beauty of the area.

Pleasant memories indeed.

Gilbert Peak

Gilbert Peak

Road near summit of Darland Mountain

Road near summit of Darland Mountain

The Peaks of Goat Rocks

The Peaks of Goat Rocks

Tieton Peak

Tieton Peak


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  1. Once again, gorgeous photos that inspire me to visit a new place. thanks, John


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