Bucket List of Alpine Hikes in the Pacific Northwest #10: Bird Creek Meadows

In mid-summer I returned to Bird Creek Meadows on Mt. Adams. It’s a long, rough drive to reach the trailhead, but it is worth it.

Purple lupine, red paintbrush and bright pink monkey flowers lined the crystal blue streams. The massive summit block of the mountain and its large glaciers showcased the magnificent scene.

After enjoying the sub-alpine meadows on the sunny day, I hiked up the mountain to Hellroaring Viewpoint and spotted several mountain goats feeding in the distance.

Still having some energy, I ascended to a 7,500-foot vista of Mt. Adams’ summit from the top of a steep glacial moraine.

Days don’t get much better.

Wildflower-lined creek

Wildflower-lined creek

Fritillary Butterfly

Fritillary Butterfly

Early morning sunlight on Mt. Adams

Early morning sunlight on Mt. Adams

Clark's Nutcracker

Clark’s Nutcracker

Bee enjoying Pink Heather

A fly enjoying Pink Heather

Wildflower meadows

Wildflower meadows

Pink Monkeyflower

Pink Monkeyflower


Hairstreak Butterfly

Top of bare glacial moraine was my destination

Top of bare glacial moraine was my destination


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  1. Hey John,

    My wife and I were just up there a week ago Saturday (August 9th) and our destination was the same. We were lucky enough to see Mountain Goats – 3 adults and 2 kids.

    We think that might have been our favorite hike ever . . . we spent the night at Bench Lake Campground and then went up the hill to the trailhead in the morning – yep, the worse road ever.

    The pictures of the goats zoom in enough so you can make out the shapes. We had binoculars so, could see them pretty good.

    Wildflowers were amazing !


  2. Hi, John,

    I hope one of these two email addresses makes it to you.

    I follow your pictures each time I get a new one on your email list. Not too long ago your posts were about the area around the John Day Fossil Beds. Gale and I are thinking of going out that way for a few days in September. We are wondering if you could recommend some fun bed and breakfast like places to stay out that way. I have come across the Hotel in Condon, which sounds very interesting, but it is still a couple of hours from the Fossil Beds. Can you recommend something that is closer that we could use as a base to explore the Beds for at least a couple of days?




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