Hawk Mountain in Autumn

In mid-October I drove to 4,500-foot Cachebox Meadows near Graham Pass in the Mt. Hood National Forest. When I have the time it’s pleasant to drive over Graham Pass on the way to Central Oregon.

The Rho Ridge Trail began by climbing through an old clear-cut. The bright reds of some remaining huckleberry leaves lined the path in places, as did colorful maple and vine maple leaves. The Trail then entered a mature hemlock forest for the next mile.

Upon reaching a nice meadow, the Hawk Mountain Trailhead was reached. From there it was a short one-half mile ascent to reach the 5,300-foot top of the Mountain.

There is an old historical lookout cabin still standing at the summit. On a clear day there would have been a magnificent view of Mt. Jefferson. Still, the vistas extended from Olallie Butte to Three Fingered Jack. After leaving the summit I took a slow and enjoyable hike back to the Trailhead.

Vine Maple

Vine Maple

Old Fire Lookout Building

Old Fire Lookout Cabin (Mt. Jefferson in background)





Insulator from the past

Insulator from the past

Ollalie Butte

Olallie Butte


Colorful Huckleberry bushes

Maple leaves

Maple leaves

A ringer – – a 2011 photo from the beginning of Rho Ridge Trail with fresh snow and red huckleberry leaves

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