Amazing Drift Creek Suspension Bridge

Standing on a 150-foot suspension bridge, swaying slightly in the breeze, gave me an up-close view of Drift Creek Falls.

The falls shoots out of a high slot in a basalt cliff, dropping 100 feet to the rocks below.

The dramatic crashing of the water in the midst of a old-growth rainforest stirred a deep sense of true wilderness.

The trail is four miles roundtrip with about 550 feet of elevation gain. It was very muddy in places but overall in good shape.

The return hike via the north trail was dominated with old-growth hemlock trees, many times larger than the alpine hemlocks I enjoy in the upper elevations of the Cascade Mountains.

This is one of the nicest hikes on the Coast.

The suspension bridge

Hikers near the base of the falls

Trillium (wild Lily)

Long-exposure photo of the Falls

Covered bridge on Drift Creek (heavy rain)

Pleasant stretch of trail

Upper portion of Falls and hiker on the suspension bridge

The Falls with suspension bridge


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  1. Another sparkling beauty, John. Such a gorgeous hike. The falls are so dramatic, with the very fast-moving water and rich darkness of the basalt rocks. The forest is just lovely, and I appreciated knowing it was old growth hemlock. The bridge looks a bit intimidating to me, especially with a slight swinging motion, but sturdy and well-made, and rewarding and intriguing. If I were there, I would’ve crossed it. Your photos, as always, were wonderful. I especially liked the tender trillium.

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