Oak Island Bald Eagles are Nesting

Oak Island is open again for the season. On a warm but overcast day, we hiked around the Island until running into high water.

Then we turned around and hiked back to the same spot in the other direction before returning to the trailhead. It was a very pleasant 4 1/2 mile outing.

Located nearby on Sauvie Island, Oak Island is a grand place to spot songbirds and wildflowers.

Even better, it has a bald eagle’s nest high in an oak tree near the trail.

The adults are currently sitting on the eggs. Soon there will be little eaglets to see.

As every year, I will return often until the little ones have fledged and left the nest.

Bald Eagle

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Common sight along the trail

Trailhead (lots of things not to do)

Bald Eagle guarding its nest (its mate is sitting on the eggs in the nest)

My Favorite Model on the trail

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

High water covering the trail





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  1. How very grand to have a bald eagle nest to visit regularly…we have come so far in bringing this majestic bird back from near extinction. Your photos are a true joy, John. The eagles, the birds, chuckled at the “lots of things not to do” and how sweet for us to see your favorite model too. Lovely post.

  2. That Eagle’s nest is no more. The ancient Oak snag lost its top 40 feet in a windstorm winter of 2023. No idea where the eagles rebuilt but on a recent trip I saw them swooping over the area.

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