A Cold and Gusty Hike to Stacker Butte

Ascending Eightmile Creek Canyon, I soon found the old pioneer gravesite. The person was born 192 years ago when Honest Abe was 18.

After paying my respects, I soon left behind scattered oak trees and emerged into the wide open spaces of the east end of the Columbia River Gorge.

As always I kept my eyes open for mule deer. Not long afterward I spotted a small herd feeding and resting near the canyon rim.

They are always a treat to see. It brings back many memories of deer hunting with the old cowboy in North-central Washington as I was growing up.

As I emerged into the exposed, open areas, the cold wind gusts began beating me around.

I hit the road to the 3,300-foot summit of Stacker Ridge where an FAA tracking site was located.

The 360° views were spectacular, including the Columbia River stretching far to the east and rimrock canyons to the north. But, the heavy winds made the experience pretty miserable, and I quickly turned around and began the trip back to the car.


Pioneer gravesite

Balsamroot beginning to bloom

Summit of Stacker Butte on a stormy day


Near Goldendale

Spring Beauty

Herd of Mule Deer well camouflaged

Shooting Star

Mt Adams near Glenwood (the Aspens would look much more colorful in the fall with their golden leaves)

Yellow Bell (wild Lily)

Eightmile Creek Canyon




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  1. We’ve done that hike under similar conditions…fantastic views! Thanks for solving the mystery of the installation at the top.

  2. Nice pictures !! That area reminds me of the area I grew up in !!

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