Gnat Creek’s Barrier Falls Hike

The Gnat Creek hike is always fun. The trail began at a parking area about 20 miles east of Astoria.

The first 1 1/2 miles passed through a hemlock and Sitka spruce forest with massive nursery stumps remaining from 100-year old logging operations. The creek gurgled and splashed as it cascaded along near the trail.

After crossing Highway 30, there was a small fish hatchery to explore. Then the trail led over two miles into the deep upper valley of Gnat Creek.

I saw a blacktail deer and many elk tracks along the way. Early wildflowers dappled the area along the trail with many colors. There were trilliums, fairy lanterns, wood sorrel, stream violets and salmonberry.

A very pleasant way to spend a a sunny day. Next time I may bring a fishing rod and give the steelhead a try.

Barrier Falls


Ten-foot diameter stump along the trail with two springboard cuts

Fellow traveler

End of trail

Beginning of upper trail

Gnat Creek above Barrier Falls


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