A climb to the Summit of Burdoin Mountain, one of the best views in the Columbia River Gorge

The Kreps Family owns a large cattle ranch north of Bingen, Washington and are kind enough to open their property to hikers. To me, this is an example of the Columbia River Gorge at its best. I get a very nice place to hike, and the Kreps have large open meadows to feed their cattle.

The 8 1/2-mile loop hike traveled along the open summit of 2,300-foot Burdoin Mountain for several miles. The views extended over the Hood River Bridge far down the Columbia River Gorge. Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams graced the horizons. If the cold wind hadn’t felt like it was coming off a snowbank, I would have stayed longer at the summit enjoying the scenery.

The open Oak Savannah environment is a wonderful place to hike. In early spring it will be at its best with early wildflowers, bluebirds, wild turkeys and blacktail deer to see.

It’s a safe bet that I will be returning in late March or early April.

An early morning rainbow gracing the view down the Gorge

Not a day to be climbing Mt. Hood

The trail, an old wagon road, chiseled out of the rocks

Hazy view down the Columbia River Gorge, looking over the Hood River Bridge


Steep climb toward the summit

Commercial barge traffic is a very efficient method of moving goods



Exposed rocks from the Missoula Floods (scraped the topsoil off high upon the ridges)

Prime cattle grazing country, blacktail deer enjoy the area too

Mountain bikers starting the trail

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