The Path to Lewis and CLark

Ferns and small cedar trees cover the forest floor, hemlock trees squeeze into spaces on the hillsides, large-leaf maple trees climb to the heavens, a few second-growth Douglas firs are beginning to establish their dominance and small streams tumble near the trails.

Next to Lewis & Clark College, Tryon Creek is the only Oregon state park within a major metropolitan area.

In early-January with overcast skies I visited the park. I enjoyed seeing many examples of nurse-stump trees – – – trees that began growing on top of a stump, sending down roots to anchor in the earth.

The six-mile hike brings back fond memories of early springtime with the beautiful white flowers of trilliums lining the trails.

A nice outing indeed.

Cedar tree that began life on a nursery stump

Path to Law School

Bunk Creek

Tryon Creek


Licorice Ferns

Nursery stump about to be pushed aside

Snout Nose Moth

Hanging footbridge

Springboard slots (used by old-time loggers to get above the brush)



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  1. That water drop photo is amazing! Great work!

  2. My favorite old jogging trial!

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