The Summit of Burdoin Mountain in Early Springtime

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Burdoin Mountain

The Kreps Family owns a large cattle ranch north of Bingen, Washington. They are kind enough to open their property to hikers.

In early April, and with the promise of some dry weather, I drove to the trailhead. It’s located at roughly 400 feet above sea level near the White Salmon Hospital.

I was looking forward to hiking the 8 1/2-mile lollipop loop, passing over the summit of 2,300-foot Burdoin Mountain.

And, what a fine hike it turned out to be. The sun came out, several wild turkeys strutted their stuff, and many early wildflowers were in bloom.

The summit area was relatively flat and mostly open. The views down the Columbia River Gorge stretched from the Hood River Bridge far to the west.

Truly an enjoyable adventure. It remains one of my favorite spring outings.

Great Hound’s Tongue

Desert Parsley lining the trail with the Columbia River far below

Trail heading down the mountain

Looking down the Columbia River from the summit of Burdoin Mountain

Looking down the Columbia River from the summit of Burdoin Mountain (last year on a sunny day)


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  1. John; Some great editing on this post. I like how you arranged the photo, especially the wild turkeys. The only thing missing is the cross hairs…..

    John B DesCamp jr

    1255 NW Ninth Avenue #516

    Portland OR 97209


    • They were tempting.
      Last year, nearby to Burdoin Mountain, I ran into an older hunter who had bagged a big tom turkey that morning. It was a bittersweet moment. He indicated it would be his last hunt due to terminal cancer. He had hunted the area as a youth, and had returned to recapture a sense of that earlier time.
      It reminded me of how short life really is.

  2. How lovely to see your flower images! This year we are sadly lagging in that department. Not even dandelions have risen to the occasion. But the geese are back and I’ve seen several bluebirds and robins. This has been a long long winter.

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