Panorama Point

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On a drive back from Central Oregon, I stopped at Panorama Point County Park above the city of Hood River.

On a nice day it’s a great spot to view Mt. Hood rising above the scenic Hood River Valley.

For entertainment there was a family of California ground squirrels in the area.

Clearly folks had been feeding them because they showed no fear of me at all.

I couldn’t help but smile as I shot a few photos of them. They were talented posers.

Ground Squirrel

Mt. Hood

Hopefully it wasn’t snack material

Scenic Hood River Valley

Plump Ground Squirrel


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  1. Those photos of the mountain are so crisp & clear! Thanks for sharing, the squirrels aren’t bad either 😀

  2. Nice pics! We were in the area about 2 years ago…beautiful place!

  3. I like squirrels until the get into my bird feeder, then I resent them for some reason.

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