A Short Outing into Indian Heaven

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Thomas Lake

It was a cold, frosty and blustery morning at the edge of the Indian Heaven Wilderness. Many hunters were in the area enjoying a late Elk season.

The 32 square-mile Wilderness lies between Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens. It contains over 150 lakes and has many large, open meadows to explore.

The ground was frozen and crunchy under foot, and extremely slick on steep stretches of the trail. There was shiny ice on many of the lakes.

After a couple of miles I decided to turn back, carefully watching my footing on the icy trail.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

A little ice on Eunice lake

Mt. St. Helens visible from the lower trail

One of many large meadows along the trail

A cold, steep trail

Frosty mushrooms

Early morning light on Thomas Lake

Fresh snow on Mt. St. Helens

Frosty Beargrass on the early morning trail

Ice on Heather Lake

Into the wilderness

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  1. Beautiful photos again. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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