Autumn Bliss on the Summit of the Coastal Mountains

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Storey Burn Loop Hike

It was a fine day for hiking, 30 degrees and blue skies at the trailhead. I had decided to hike on the crest of the Coastal Range west of home.

After parking at the Gales Creek Campground, I climbed the frozen, leaf-strewn trail along Gales Creek for less than one mile before turning onto the Storey Burn Trail.

As the Trail began gaining elevation, it passed Slide Falls and many small tributary creeks. After reaching the top, I began descending on the west slopes of the Coastal Mountains to a path underneath Highway 6.

In a short distance I crossed the boggy flats by the Devil Fork of the Wilson River. Then it was up to 1,600-foot Roger’s Pass and down a well-drained trail to the car.

A nice outing on a pleasant day.

Frosty leaves

Springboard slot in old tree stump along the trail

Upscale trail sign

Storey Burn Trailhead

Large-leaf Maple Leaf

Devils Club leaves

Old stump over 10 feet in diameter



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  1. I sure enjoyed hiking this trail with you, John, thank you. So much life here. I love coming upon big leaf maple trees where I live, too; and you did a wonderful job of displaying perspective with how very large that leaf is. Loved seeing the trail and its landmarks and beauties. Really like that big old stump — ten feet in diameter! wow! Great frosty leaves, too.

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