A January Trip Around Cape Horn

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Cape Horn

With the promise of sunbreaks and stormy vistas, I drove to the Cape Horn Trailhead in the western Columbia River Gorge.

Due to concerns about peregrine falcon’s nesting, the lower portion of the loop hike over Cape Horn is closed after January 31st every year for a few months. I decided to take advantage of the weather (no cold and gusty east winds) and do the loop hike before it closed.

The first few times I hiked the 7 1/2-mile loop trail it was very rough and not well marked. Thanks to the Friends of the Columbia Gorge and volunteers, these days the Cape Horn trail is a gem.

The trail provides much variety and even features a walk in front of a misty waterfall.

View up the Columbia River

Black-capped Chickadee playing hard to get

Cape Horn Bridge on Highway 14

I enjoy fun trail signs

Tall waterfall next to trail

A cold day on Nesmith Point

Licorice Fern

View up the Columbia River from the Nancy Russel Memorial site

Late-blooming Aster hanging on





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  1. This first picture is interesting.

  2. These are some breathtaking views. Love the Chickadee playing coy!

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