Gales Creek to the Summit of the Coastal Mountains

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Gales Creek

I enjoy hiking in the Coastal Mountains. It is verdant and beautiful country.

On the day before Superbowl Sunday I drove almost to the crest of the Coastal Range, parking at the Gales Creek Forest Camp.

Several years ago the Gales Creek Trail was repaired and reopened. But, keeping the trail open is an endless task. The area continues to suffer many washouts and blowdowns. Thankfully, it tends to be reasonably well maintained too.

Most of the trail is at or near the bottom of the deep Gales Creek Canyon. But, after the first six miles, the next mile of the trail is fairly steep as it climbs out of the headbasin to the summit of the Coastal Mountains at Bell Camp Road.

There were many streams to ford, mainly by hopping on rocks. At several of the locations there were eye-catching waterfalls to see.

After taking a break at Bell Camp Road, it was time to return to the trailhead.

Wispy waterfall by trail

The “famous” Bell Camp Road

Landslide over the trail, a common occurrence

Springboard slots in old stumps

Footbridge on abandoned portion of trail

Many of the Alders are bent to the ground (impacts of heavy snow at times in the Coastal Mountains?)

Group of Alders fallen over Gales Creek (notice the shallow root systems due to heavy rainfall in the Coastal Mountains)

Many waterfalls are “hidden” in the forest near the trail




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