Wintertime at the White River Waterfalls

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White River

Winter storms were scheduled to hit North Central Oregon later in the day, and then last for three to four more days.

I decided to take advantage of the early morning blue skies and drove south of The Dalles.

My first stop was the White River Falls State Park. They are another one of Oregon’s seemingly endless secret hideaways.

The Park is located just east of Tygh Valley along Highway 216.

The White River plunges 90 feet over a basalt shelf. A steep quarter-mile trail leads deep within the canyon to the historic hydroelectric power plant at the base of the falls.

After exploring the offerings of the Park, I drove to Shearer’s Falls on the Deschutes River. It was too early in the season to see tribal members dipnetting for salmon.

Overlook of White River Waterfalls

Mule Deer having a snack

Dipnet platforms on the Deschutes River

White River Waterfall

Mule Deer

Looking up the Deschutes River

Remains of the old hydroelectric facilities at White River

White River Falls

White River Falls on a spring day on a previous hike

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  1. Beautiful waterfalls and wildlife pictures!

  2. Deer butt for the win!

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