A Photographer’s Delight: McCall Point

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McCall Point

A beautiful sunny Memorial Day weekend with little wind.

I drove to the east side of the Columbia River Gorge to the Rowena Crest Viewpoint. Basalt cliffs, oak grasslands and interesting trails make it a pleasurable hiking area in the spring.

I headed south through an open, relatively flat area for one-half mile. Wild onion, cluster lilies, golden balsamroot and buckwheat created swaths of color on the green plateau.

Then the Trail became serious, gaining 1,000 feet in a little over one mile before reaching the top of McCall Point at 1,700 feet. The views extended for miles up and down the Gorge.

For a challenge I followed a rough trail up and onto the upper plateau for one-half mile or more.

At a vista point overlooking the Columbia River I took a long break before returning to the trailhead.

The wildflowers and butterflies were truly spectacular, but I also also enjoyed the multiple fence lizards along the way.

Taper-tip Onion (wild Lily)

Fence Lizard

Mt. Hood from summit of McCall Point

Swallowtail Butterfly

View from summit of McCall Point

Cluster Lily

Painted Lady Butterfly


Mt. Adams behind the Rowena Plateau (Trailhead)

Wildflowers along the trail


The Dalles Dam, a short ways up the river



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  1. Great photos. I always enjoy looking at your posts. Is that a Taper-tip Onion or a Bachelor Button?

    • Good question. I usually don’t think about Bachelor Buttons that far east, but I think you’re right. Looking at the photo again, I would say it’s a Bachelor Button. Good catch!

  2. Truly spectacular hike you shared with us, John, thank you. The first true field of wildflowers I ever set eyes on was up here in the Columbia River Gorge, and it continues to stun me in your post here. Such a prolific array of flowers. Every photo was a joy to behold, from the tiny hairs on the paintbrush, to the expansive views including mountain peaks and valleys. Warm thanks.

  3. Very nice. I remember my wife and I chanced upon this park sever8years ago, maybe 2008 or 2009.

  4. Breathtaking! Vivid flowers. Mt Hood looms so majestically. I also truly appreciate the view from the summit. Thank you, John!

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