The Beauty of North Central Washington State

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In late July and early August I vacationed in North Central Washington. The previous five blog posts have described outings during the vacation.

In between hikes I had the opportunity to see varied and spectacular scenery.

The following are some samples of the sights to see.

Omak Lake

View from summit of 6,972-foot Darlin Mountain

Mt. Rainier over Tipsoo Lake

Yakima River Canyon

Groundhog near Brewster

The Home of My High School Alma Mater

Good Friend Dennis

Mt. Adams Erupting? (No, tall mountains make their own weather)

Mt. Rainier from Ravens Roost (it’s a long, dusty, rocky drive to the summit)



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  1. Nice photos, especially Mt Rainier from Tipsoo lake.

  2. I love the contrast of colors in the picture of the Yakima River Canyon; such a deep blue and rich green contrasted with what looks like barrenness behind it. Mt. Rainier over Tipsoo Lake – such a fantastic photo. The surreal colors pull you in and make you part of the scene, and the ripples across the water hints at a breeze that might be gently blowing around me as I stand there and gaze at Mt. Rainier. This picture left quite an impression with me. 🙂 Also, is it just me or does that groundhog look a bit surly? 🙂

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