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Oregon Coastal Mountains

It was late December on a cold and clear morning. I drove to the trailhead (a gate, usually closed, on a dirt road) off of Highway 26.

My plan was to hike to the top of Humbug Mountain in the Coastal Mountains. But, the gate was open and active logging operations were underway.

It was time for Plan B, a hike to Bloom Lake. The trailhead is next to Highway 26, a few miles east from Humbug Mountain.

As many times as I had driven by the trailhead, I had never done the three-mile out-and-back hike. It was truly a pleasant surprise.

The lake (a large pond) was very picturesque with the reflection of many trees. And, the hike to and from the lake was a visit to the past with much sign of old logging operations.

It’s always fun finding a new hike.

Bloom Lake

Witch’s Hair Lichen

North end of Bloom Lake


Bloom Lake

Sword Ferns lining the lower trail

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