A Humbug Stormy Day

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Humbug Mountain

I always enjoy a mid-winter hike. This one had a big plus in its favor – – – It is easily accessible.

In fact, I parked right off Highway 26 on the side of a logging road.

There is a locked gate on the logging road, but the area is accessible to hikers by a free recreational permit.

It is not a very long hike at 5 1/2 miles round-trip, and follows logging roads for its entire length. But, it is steep and rocky in places.

The hike ended after a short climb to the 2,500-foot summit with some microwave equipment. I would have been treated to some of the best views in Northwest Oregon, but I was smack dab in the middle of a fog bank. I did manage to get a couple of views of the Pacific Ocean as the clouds broke for a few seconds.

It gives me an excuse to return soon.

Microwave towers on Humbug Mountain summit in sight


Hazy view of the Pacific Ocean

Witch’s Hair Lichen

Steep stretch of trail (logging road) to summit

Onion Peak


Stormy view from summit

Microwave equipment on summit





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  1. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I cannot wait for our snow and ice to disappear so I can get out hiking with my little dog.

  2. Looks like it was a fine day for a hike.

  3. I agree, John, a good mid-winter hike is always a pleasure; fresh air and space to move gets us out of our cabin fever. Really enjoyed this hike and you did a great job of showing the sights in spite of the fog bank. I like the moodiness of the fog photos, and found the witch’s hair lichen photo especially beautiful.

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