From Newts to Roosevelt Elk

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Coastal Mountains

I returned to Humbug Mountain for two reasons in early spring. First, It is easily accessible. I parked right off of Highway 26 on the side of a logging road.

Second, it’s seldom used by other hikers which was a huge plus during the coronavirus outbreak. In fact, I’ve never seen another hiker on the trail.

Rough-skinned Newt

There is a locked gate on the logging road, but the area is accessible to hikers by a free recreational permit.

It is not a very long hike at 5 1/2 miles round-trip, and follows logging roads for its entire length. But, it is steep and rocky in places.

I did see a herd of elk on the way up and one solitary newt.

The hike ended after a short climb to the 2,500-foot summit with some microwave equipment. I would have been treated to some of the best vistas in Northwest Oregon, but it was an overcast day. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the views of the west side of the Coastal Mountains.

It always makes for a nice outing.

Trillium and Sweet Colt’s Foot

One of many huge stumps along the trail

My size 11 1/2 boot track next to two Elk tracks from a couple of hours ago (they are big animals)

Roosevelt Elk (I’ve been spotted)

A pleasant stretch of the “trail”

Not much of a view this day from the summit

Very large nursery stump

The trailhead



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