Mt. Hood Wilderness Closed to Access

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Mt. Hood

On a nice April day, I drove to the west side of Mt. Hood. Due to the coronavirus, I had read that all campgrounds and access roads to trailheads were closed.

I was surprised to see how closed they really were. In all my years in the Portland area, I had never seen anything like this even in bad wildfire seasons.

Mt. Hood from Lolo Pass

I drove to an access point of the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness, and various access points to the Mt. Hood Wilderness. All roads (including paved ones) to trailheads were closed, and most people were obeying the closures.

I took some photos along the way so that we could all remember a dramatic time in all our lives.

Be well.

Access road to the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness was closed

Folks that hiked into closed areas were given warning tickets

Access bridge closed to the trailheads of Ramona Falls, Burnt Lake and other west side Mt. Hood hikes

Closure signs to West Zigzag Mountain and lower trailhead to Paradise Park



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  1. It’s a very interesting time.

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