The Amazing Variety of Birds on Oak Island

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Sauvie Island

On a late August day we went to Oak Island for a nice hike.

Located nearby on Sauvie Island, it’s a grand place to spot songbirds.

Even better, it has a bald eagle’s nest high in an oak tree near the trail.

Turkey Vulture

Earlier in the year the adults were still guarding the nest, and there were likely eaglets inside.  But, today they are long gone. We’ll have to wait until next year to see them again.

Still, it’s always an interesting place to visit with some nice summer wildflowers to see.

Wapato, Blackberry and Wild Carrot

Yellow Warbler


My Favorite Model and Your Humble Scribe

Sturgeon Lake

Flock Feeders

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  1. Another fine hike, John, thank you. I enjoyed Oak island and the lovely variety of birds you and your “favorite model” discovered. Always fun to know about a bald eagle nest, too. The yellow warbler is a delight to see, espec. since they are so difficult to photograph in their erratic behavior. Those flock feeders at the end, they might be bushtits? Great post and many thanks to our humble scribe.

  2. Great pic of Wappato flowers! The bulbs of these plants were an important item in the diet and trade of the Clackamas Chinook indigenous tribes that lived along the Columbia/Willamette rivers including Sauvie Island.

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