An Outing on the Buxton Trestle

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It was cool, somewhat sunny day after a series of days of heavy rains and gusty winds. We decided to “revel” in the sunshine by doing a short hike along the Banks–Vernonia State Trail, a rail-trail and linear state park.

Buxton Trestle

The Banks–Vernonia rail-trail runs primarily north-south on an abandoned railroad bed. The entire 21-mile, eight-foot wide rail-trail is paved. The original railway line was built in the 1920s to move logs and lumber from a company mill in Vernonia, as well as freight and passengers to Portland.

In 2007 the L.L. “Stub” Stewart Memorial State Park opened adjacent to a segment of the rail-trail.

Our starting point was a rest area by the old Buxton Railroad Trestle, which is 600 feet long and 80 feet high. We began by walking to the south end of the planked trestle.

Turning north, we followed the rail-trail across the trestle, soaking in the views. After continuing on the rail-trail for a short distance, we returned to the parking area.

It made for a nice outing on a sunny day.

My Favorite Model

Pine Squirrel gnawing on a Doug Fir cone

Muddy Medenhall Creek (It had been raining much in the last few days)

Buxton Trestle

Reflections in a pond near the trailhead

My Favorite Model at the trailhead





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