Redwing Blackbirds Singing before the Storm

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The weather forecast for the following day was a winter storm watch. But, this mid-winter day was mostly sunny. It made a good excuse for us to head toward the small town of Vernonia. It lies northwest of Portland near the crest of the Coastal Mountains. Just north of downtown is picturesque Vernonia Lake.

Redwing Blackbird singing a song

The lake was once the mill pond of the Oregon-American Lumber Company, the largest all-electric lumber mill in the world in its day.

Now it’s a recreational lake, and very picturesque.

Ducks in Vernonia Lake

Redwing Blackbird

Vernonia Lake





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  1. Lovely lake. Do you kayak? Looks perfect for that.

  2. So much joy and beauty in your lovely photos, John, of this lake and the birds. I find singing red-winged blackbirds to be one of earth’s most heavenly messages. Thanks for these gentle and serene moments today.

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