A Bunny with Nice Eyes

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Oak Island is open again for the season. On a warm and sunny day, we hiked around the Island.

Bunny with nice eyes

Located nearby on Sauvie Island, Oak Island is a grand place to spot songbirds and wildflowers.

We saw a few bald eagles flying nearby, but their nest high in an oak tree near the trail appears to remain empty. It’s kind of sad. Over the last few years I’ve looked forward to seeing the adults progress from sitting on eggs, to having fledglings in the nest, to finally seeing all of them in flight.

We did enjoy seeing a couple of bunnies, and a ground squirrel that had climbed to the top of a tall bush to catch some rays.

The wildflowers were beginning to bloom, throwing some sparkling colors along the trail.

Always a nice place to visit.

My Favorite Model at Sturgeon Lake with Mt. St. Helens in background

Camas Lily and Wild Rose

A climbing Ground Squirrel

Bald Eagles and a Turkey Vulture

Pleasant stretch of trail

Yellow-rumped Warblers (I wonder where they got their name?)

Mt. St. Helens over Sturgeon Lake

Fun Trailhead


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