Silver Star Mountain’s Wonderful Wildflowers and Butterflies

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Silver Star

The 4,390-foot summit of Silver Star Mountain is easily visible from much of the Portland and Vancouver area, and visible from my deck.

Over the years, I have hiked to the summit many times.

Tiger Lily

The views are open and far-reaching on a clear day, including the snow-covered summits of the high Cascade volcanoes.

In early July the wildflowers were at their peak. And, because it was a sunny day, the butterflies were visible by the hundreds. To me, they always seem to impart a little magic, like vibrant wildflowers that have been brought to life.

Snowberry Checkerspot Butterfly

Mountain Spiraea

Hydaspe Fritillary Butterfly

Explorer’s Gentian (one of the few true blue wildflowers)

Western Sulphur Butterfly


Pale Tiger Swallowtail


Edith’s Checkerspot Butterfly

Huckleberry flower and berry




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