Wildflowers on the Timberline Trail

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Mt. Hood

For a change of pace in early August, I drove to the east side of Mt. Hood below the Meadows Ski Resort.

Since it was going to get hot, I decided to hike up into the alpine meadows after a short walk over to Umbrella Falls.

Mt. Hood

After visiting the Falls, I began the pleasant 1 1/4-mile hike up to the Timberline Trail. I originally had planned to hike 2 1/2 miles north to Heather Canyon. But, it was very hot and humid. Instead, I explored some of the alpine meadows near the Timberline Trail. Many of the wildflowers were at their prime, especially around the creeks flowing down the mountain.

A very nice hike indeed!

Wildflowers like the area near creeks

False Hellebore

Timberline Trail

Cat’s-ear Lily

Timberline Trail

Harsh Paintbrush, Lewis Monkeyflower and Huckleberry

Mt. Hood

Sitka Mountain Ash and Old Men of the Mountain

Mt. Hood from Timberline Trail




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