An Autumn Day at the Metolius River

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Central Oregon

The Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery makes a fine destination to see the Metolius River. And, a few miles south is another nice vantage spot at the Lower Bridge.

The River in itself is amazing. It begins a few miles south of the Hatchery, emerging from basalt rock at 50,000 gallons per minute.

Metolius River

The bad news was that the fall weather remained cloudy and drizzly.

I took a short hike on the east side of the river from the Hatchery. On my outing I saw a few fly fishermen. The Metolius is a world-renowned fly fishing river.

Not a bad day at all.

Fly fisherman on the Metolius

Mule Deer near a grand old Ponderosa Pine

Metolius River

Beautiful area to be fishing

Metolius River on a much nicer day



Metolius River

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